Quality Assurance Testing


Functional Testing

is aimed at validating whether or not the observed behavior of the tested software meets its specifications.


Regression Testing

Is a selective retesting of the system or the component to verify that modifications have not caused unintended effects; regression test scenarios are often automated. Tools: Custom scripts, SilkTest, Mercury WinRunner, Visual Team Studio, Rational Robot, XDETester.


User Acceptance Testing

User acceptance testing is testing conducted by users of the system. UAT can vary greatly based on user experience with the application and each person's experience with testing itself.


Usability Testing

This process evaluates how easy it is for end-users to use and learn the software, including user documentation; how effectively the software functions in supporting user tasks; and, finally, its ability to recover from user errors.


User Interface Testing

Determines the effect of configuration changes on the system's performance and behavior.


Web Application Testing

Determines the effect of configuration changes on the system's performance and behavior.


Unit Testing

Unit testing is usually done for each particular module of the software to ensure its validity and internal logic. This type of testing is usually done by developers who code test cases for each scenario of the module, and verify the output result is correct. Unit Testing is an essential part of XP and Agile development lifecycles, but we at Spiral QA we successfully apply it to other lifecycle models and consider Unit Testing a powerful tool for early mistakes diagnostics.


Integration Testing

Unit testing does not cover the aspects of how the system would behave or what errors would be reported when modules are integrated. This is done on the level of integration testing, which verifies the interaction between software components.


System Testing

is applied to a completely integrated system to verify that it meets its requirements. System testing is concerned with the behavior of a whole system and is usually considered appropriate for comparing the system to the non-functional system requirements, such as security, speed, accuracy, and reliability. External interfaces to other applications, utilities, hardware devices, or the operating environment are also evaluated at this level.

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Shawna G

“Spiral Scout is very easy to work with, and they just "get it". We are able to talk with them about the user flow and the interaction we desire with our fervent audience, and they think through the whole process to create a cohesive system that helps both increase the number of our visitors and deepen our interaction with them."

Shawna Gohel
Founder, Maharani Weddings

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“Incredibly efficient and client focused. You can tell that Spiral Scout thrives on customer satisfaction. Focusing on the big picture they use their experience and expertise to ensure that every decision made aligns with the ultimate objective of providing a quality end user-experience. Spiral Scout epitomizes the concept of an ‘honest day’s wage for honest pay’. They are very fair and reasonable on price quotes for us, and their work is top notch. We feel every project gets exceptional value when the SS team is involved.”

Todd A. Cummings
Director, eLearningBrothers Custom

Dave J

“Spiral Scout provided incredible guidance and support throughout the mobile development process. They were very efficient in working through development challenges and ensured that our needs were met every step of the way. Their customer service, level of communication and response time was exceptional and they were a true extension of the team. With quality and reliability being key factors in a development team, Spiral Scout is the epitome of both!"

Dave Jamieson
Founder, Little Branch

Our approach is built upon the best QA practices


  • We've tested just about every type of software out there.


  • We are detail oriented and follow strict testing processes to make sure we catch all bugs.


  • Transparent statistics help improve the quality of our bug checking

Customer focus

  • Making our customers software bug free makes their customers happier

Testing Environments

  • Crucial for creating and reproducing all quality assurance testing

Change Management

  • Controlling all the changes keeps serious issues away and everyone on the same page


  • Regression shows whether the product is ready for your customers

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